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Nintendo (US)

Nintendo is a world-wide known Japanese company focusing on video games and game console production. Since its inception in 1889, the company has been developing games. In 1978, Nintendo entered the video games market and became one of the most important market players.

The company´s hits include the Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy consoles, which conquered all continents and became the most desired present for the younger generation. In 2017, a next gen console was release, which is expected to win the battle against the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The most popular Nintendo games, which also helped the company make the most revenue, include Super Mario and Pokemon. These were designed in 1990s, but are still popular among the audience.

On July 6, 2016, Nintendo released Pokémon Go, a MMORPG for iOS and Android based mobile devices. In a single week, the number of downloads exceeded 50 million, while Nintendo stocks on the NASDAQ jumped 112%.

The current market capitalization of Nintendo is over $26.5 Billion. The company´s stocks are traded on the NASDAQ (in USD).