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Tiền mã hoá và cổ phiếu miễn phí từ các công ty nổi tiếng dành cho mọi khách hàng!
Chỉ cần mở một tài khoản và nạp bất kỳ số tiền nào và nhớ sử dụng mã khuyến mãi GIFT.
Tiền mã hoá và cổ phiếu miễn phí!


Bitcoin - the monetary unit of the payment system of the same name. Within this payment system, client programs running on multiple computers are connected to each other in a peer-to-peer network, each node of which is equal and self-sufficient. It is impossible to manage the system publicly or privately, including changing the total number of Bitcoins.

Today Bitcoin is in high demand. It can be exchanged through special exchanges for fiat currency, or used directly as a means of payment. Bitcoin is accepted by many of the largest online stores and online services.

Pricing of the crypto currency to traditional fiat money is not regulated by any authorities and depends on natural demand and supply.

Issuer: Users of the system use the computing power of their equipment to maintain the system (mining). The issuing is decentralized and unlimited.

The price movement of Bitcoin is based on confidence in itself and is formed exclusively by the balance of demand / supply. In the absence of a central authority that would control issuing, or could influence the exchange rate and accept or oblige others to accept payment in Bitcoin, the actual value of Bitcoin also depends on the dynamics of the global volume of goods and services that can be purchased for them.