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Market news

    GBP/USD edges back from a look above 1.2700
    The slide in the dollar yesterday afternoon, which extended all the way to the US close last night saw the GBP/USD consolidate its gains above 1.26...
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  • YM
    A record close for the US stock markets- Dow Jones takes a step closer to 40k
    In an update here yesterday the prospect of the Dow Jones making it to 40k was noted here. Well, in the event it did not quite get that far. The index...
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    USD/JPY takes out 154 in Tokyo trading
    Yesterday afternoon, some while ahead of the US CPI release an update here noted; how the USD/JPY took rather a spurious move to the downside ahead of...
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  • NQCash
    Nasdaq 100 sets a new record high

    Well, it has finally made the move and has touted here a few times today, the Nasdaq 100 has just now set a new all time record high, above the...

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    What was interesting about the EUR/USD price action this afternoon

    Since breaking out above the noted down trend line resistance today, at 1.0832, the EUR/USD shot to a high at 1.0869. Of course that high was...

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    Gold back peddles as US yields rebound

    Earlier this afternoon Gold made it to a new high on the week after the US CPI fuelled further buying. That saw the metal rise to a high at $2,378.58...

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