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Libertex Fraud warning

Libertex is a group of companies operating internationally and takes information or suspicion of fraudulent activities seriously. Occasionally, we identify companies that use our name or similar names without our permission. This creates confusion and spreads false information about our group and services.

We have developed this Fraud Warning to:

  • Inform the general public of fraudulent companies
  • Provide guidance on misleading and false information that may be related to our group
  • Expose any clone firms that operate with malicious intent.

Please inform us if you suspect any fraudulent activity or have been approached under the improper use of our brand, name or logo at [email protected]

Clone firms

If you suspect that you're dealing with a clone firm using our brand, name or logo, we suggest that you not share any personal details and immediately notify us at [email protected].

We try our best to actively identify all clone firms but must advise that some do go unidentified by us for some time. Clients should always confirm that the companies they interact with online are legitimate before sharing personal information or conducting business.

Our name and identity have been used fraudulently in certain instances that we are aware of and have no control over. Although we sympathise with anyone who has lost money in this way, Libertex cannot accept any liability for a fraudulent solicitation of payment in our name.

We are aware of an unauthorised third-party individual by the name of Mark Fischer contacting our clients in Germany on behalf of a broker named CCFD, a brand that appears on the Finma fraud warning watchlist Please be careful about any communication you may receive from either Mark Fischer or the CCFD brand, as nether is affiliated with nor authorised by Libertex Group, its subsidiaries or its affiliates.

Libertex is proud to be the Official Online Trading Partner of FC Bayern