Risk Warning


Libertex, the Company operating this website, provides services related to financial contracts for differences and forex markets (further in text collectively referred to as CFDs).

Trading CFDs involves substantial risk of loss and may not be suitable for all investors. Trading such high risk financial contracts may result in loss of all your invested capital.

This risk disclosure statement cannot and does not disclose all of the risks associated with services offered by the Company. The aim of this notice is to inform Clients on trading and non-trading risks, which may take place while investing in the highly speculative CFDs market and using the services of the Company.

Should you consider the risk associated with trading and investing in CFDs (including the use of our services) to be inappropriate, you must stop using the Services of the Company immediately.

Initial capital

You should carefully consider and identify the purpose of each and every deposit you make and never deposit an amount which, if fully lost, would cause a negative impact on your budget or financial stability. Trading on the foreign exchange market and CFDs is high risk because of the ongoing possibility of uncontrolled losses


In order to place a CFD Order, every Client is required to maintain a margin. Margin is usually a relatively modest/low portion of the overall contract value. This means that the Client will be trading using “leverage” or “gearing” (the “multiplier feature”). As a result, a relatively small market movement can lead to a much larger movement in the value of the Client’s position; which movement can work either in favor of or against the Client..

The Client must at all times maintain minimum margin requirements while trading. As such, Clients must carefully consider and maintain enough equity and monitor all running profits and losses. If the market moves against the Client’s position and/or the Margin requirements are increased, it may result in the Company, on behalf of the Cleint, closing the Client’s postion(s). Should this closure result in a loss or deficit, the Client remains liable for such losses.

It is important that you monitor your positions closelysince the effect of leverage and gearing (the “multiplier feature”) on your trades drastically increases the speed ofprofits and/or losses. It is your responsibility to monitor all your trades and while you have open trades you should always ensure that you are in a position to do so.

Technical risk

Where Clients undertake transactions on ay electronic system, they will be exposed to risks associated with electronic systems, which include the failure of hardware, software, servers, communication lines and general internet failure. The result of any such failure may be that a Clients order is either not executed according to his/her instructions or it is not executed at all. The Company does not accept any liability in the case of such a failure, not owed to the Company’s gross negligence or willful default. The Company strives on a best effort basis to provide Clients with a secure and smooth online experience. The Client acknowledges the risk that should third parties (hackers) launch a coordinated attack against Company systems that there may be a disruption of services which may result in Client losses. The Company does not accept any liability resulting from such attacks to the extent that the Company has taken all reasonable measures on a best effort basis to fend off such malicious actions/attacks.

Legal restrictions and taxes (Administrative risks)

The Client assumes all risk for the operations prohibited by the legislation of the country of his/her residence. Each Client has to notify the appropriate authorities about his/her activities, level of income and declare all taxes should he/she be required to do so.

Force majeure circumstances

The company is not responsible for losses or receiving earned funds that are not in full volume, in case any force majeure circumstances occur, namely natural disasters, extraordinary weather conditions, threat of war, act of terrorism, revolution, illegal actions of third parties, massive unrest, riot, decisions of state bodies etc.

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