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Market news

  • YM
    Dow Jones wins back 34k for the US close

    It was not looking too good for the major US stock markets yesterday afternoon, but a rebound that kicked off right after the 4pm London FX saw all...

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    EUR/USD sets daily close below 1.0600

    There was no recovery for the EUR/USD yesterday evening. The fall below 1.06 had earlier extended to as low as 1.0576 right into the 4pm London fix...

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    Gold throws in the towel as USD/JPY approaches 149

    Until a few moments ago Gold was holding its own pretty well, even as the USD/JPY extended a move higher above 148.80. However, in the past couple of...

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  • FDAX
    Barring a really sizeable rebound the DAX will close below a key support level today
    The US stock markets did as was expected and did open lower. The only difference now being from what was noted here earlier, being that the S+P 500...
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    Dollar Index (USDX) extends gains as EUR/USD falls below 1.0600
    The dollar has now extended its advance. The USD/JPY has lifted to yet another fresh 2023 high as it climbs above 148.80. The GBP/USD has dropped to...
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  • ES
    S+P 500 leads US stock futures losses
    The US stock markets will reopen in around 40 minutes and right now the opening vista is red and unless something changes over that time frame it will...
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