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Market news

  • FDAX
    DAX set to open modestly higher this morning
    As covered in the previous update here, the DAX was the second worst performing major European stock market on Friday. Ahead of that close, the DAX...
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  • Z
    FTSE 100 futures in the red this morning after the index failed to close above 8k
    As noted here on Friday, the FTSE 100 came very close to reaching a new all time high above 8,047, but in the event it stalled just short of that, at...
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  • BRN
    Buy the rumour sell the fact for Brent crude this morning
    As covered here at the time on Friday, Oil prices were again on the rebound heading into the weekend. Brent crude for June delivery rose to a high at...
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    USD/JPY sets a new 34 year high this morning
    The USD/JPY has ignored any Japanese warnings this morning and lifted to set a new 34 year high, close to 154 this morning. You have to look back to...
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    Bitcoin on the rebound so far today
    Bitcoin was already falling back on Friday, dropping below its 21 day moving average and then below 66k ahead of the weekend. That fall was added to...
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    Gold runs into a serious bout of profit-taking after setting new records on Friday
    On Friday Gold ran into its first serious bout of profit-taking for some while. However that was not until the metal has charged to another record...
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