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US stock futures slip further into the red-check out the S+P 500 now

It is not long now until the US stock markets will reopen for live trading and right now it is not looking like it will be a higher opening for any of the major indexes this afternoon. If you are looking for reasons why that is, then look no further than the tech sector and Q1 results from UBER and a revenue downgrade from INTEL. This has helped to push the opening outlook for the Nasdaq 100 back underneath 18k, which in turn has dented the S+P 500. Yesterday the S+P 500 managed to squeeze out a small gain, despite the lack of traction in the Nasdaq. The index closed just 6.96 points higher, at 5,187.7, down from a session high at 5,200.23. It will reopen in around 5 minutes and right now that opening is priced at around 5,167

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