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EUR/USD finds buyers ahead of 1.0832 again

On Wednesday when the EUR/USD lifted above a noted down trend line support, the move extended to a high at 1.0869. That was all driven by the latest US CPI report. Now later that day the EUR/USD pared back that gain and fell right back to test that downtrend line, in place at 1.0832. It has not been below that level since then. Well, earlier this afternoon, the prior move below the 1.0850 level did push the Euro close to this level once more. The low seen 2 hours ago was set at 1.0836 and it has since bounced again. That rebound is certainly not conclusive at this stage, but as you can see, it seems there are still buyers lurking ahead of that 1.0832 level. The EUR/USD has just now lifted to 1.0853 as it looks to clear ahead of that support level right as the US stock markets prepare to reopen for the final live trading session of the week 

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