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DASH is not just another digital currency, as it is also a payment system, which is completely decentralized. DASH was founded back in 2014, and its name has been changed three times, being formerly known as Xcoin and Darkcoin.

DASH technology is based on a Bitcoin experiment, but it also has its own unique set of features. DASH is among the top 10 cryptocurrencies in terms of market cap. Its founders, have ambitious expectations and are committed to creating a digital currency to compete with Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency pioneer.

DASH is issued by users who leverage their equipment capabilities to support the system and mine new currency units. Issuing DASH is completely decentralized. The maximum number of coins issued is 22 Million; however, only 16 Millioin to 18 Million coins are expected to be issued in the future.

DASH price changes are based on the supply and demand on exchanges. Its true value depends on the number of coins and the amount of goods and services one can buy with DASH.

DASH is actively promoted by a professional team, which means the popularity and price of this cryptocurrency may well continue to experience significant growth.