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Aug 14, 2023
In July, US PPI rose by 0.8% year-on-year. Analysts were expecting a more modest growth of 0.7%.
Aug 11, 2023
Consumer prices in the United States rose by 3.2% year-over-year, while most analysts expected a more modest increase of up to 3.1%.
Aug 10, 2023
According to analysts at Glassnode, in the past week, the total balance of wallets whose owners have held Bitcoin for 155 days or more has increased by nearly 44,000 BTC and reached an all-time high.
Aug 09, 2023
The Moody's Investors Service (Moody's) credit rating agency dropped the credit ratings of 10 small- and medium-sized US banks.
Aug 08, 2023
According to data released yesterday by Germany's Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, industrial production in June dropped by 1.5% compared to May.
Aug 07, 2023
On Friday, the US Bureau of Labour Statistics released data that signal that the US labour market is stable.
Aug 04, 2023
As expected, the Bank of England raised its interest rate by 0.25%, going from 5.00% to 5.25%.
Aug 03, 2023
Oil prices have risen for the fifth week in a row. During this time, they reached three-month highs.
Aug 02, 2023
China's Caixin manufacturing PMI surprised many analysts by dropping from 50.5 to 49.2, which led to increased pessimism in financial markets.
Aug 01, 2023
In July, the Eurozone's consumer price index was 5.3% year-over-year, which met expectations.

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