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DAX (derived from the German Deutscher Aktienindex) is Germany's key stock index and one of the most influential indices in Europe. It represents almost 80% of the market capitalisation of all companies registered on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

The index is calculated based on the average market-cap-weighted value of the share prices of Germany's biggest 40 public companies listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The index also takes into account income received in the form of the shares' dividends, assuming that these dividends are reinvested. As such, the index reflects the total income on capital and thus indirectly measures the overall growth of the German economy.

The index first went public on 1 July 1988 with a valuation of 1000 points. The DAX is calculated by Deutsche Börse AG.

The DAX index includes the shares of the following companies:
Adidas AG
Allianz SE
Bayer AG
Beiersdorf AG
Continental AG
Daimler AG
Deutsche Bank
Deutsche Börse AG
Deutsche Lufthansa AG
Deutsche Post AG
Deutsche Telekom AG
Fresenius Medical Care
Fresenius AG
HeidelbergCement AG
Infineon Technologies AG
Linde AG
Merck KGaA
Munich Re
ProSiebenSat.1 Media
Siemens AG
ThyssenKrupp AG
Volkswagen Group

The following companies are also part of the DAX as of 20/09/2021:
Airbus SE
Zalando SE
Siemens Healthineers AG
Symrise AG
HelloFresh SE
Sartorius AG Vz
Porsche Automobil Holding
Brenntag SE
Puma SE
Qiagen N.V.

Trading opportunities

The DAX is a high liquidity instrument that's strongly correlated with other European stock indices. It's often characterised by long-lasting trends, making it a perfect fit for patient investors. Moreover, the DAX has a strong impact on the fortunes of the single European currency, the Euro.

Over the first half of 2021, the index rose 11.8%, with an average intra-day volatility of 1.2%.

How to buy and sell the DAX

You can buy and sell DAX futures contracts on specialised exchanges, but the best way to trade it is through a broker or trading platforms, such as MetaTrader or Libertex. Trading on these platforms is convenient, leverage can be used, and you can even earn if the asset's value goes down.