What is the Bid and Ask?

18 Jul 2019

The bid and ask price are the most important prices to consider when executing a trade in any mar

Forex Market Hours

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Other than being the largest and most talked about financial market out there, Forex has a very a

What is a Pip in Forex

20 Mar 2019

Maybe you've been in the middle of watching a movie trailer on YouTube, and out of nowhere this ad appears with a guy who tells you how to make money in Forex.

What is a stock index?

13 Aug 2018

A stock index is used to describe the performance of the stock market, or a specific part of it a

What is Forex? A comprehensive guide for beginners

09 Aug 2018

The term "Forex" — also known more commonly as foreign currency trading, currency exchange or by its acronym "FX" — refers to Foreign Exchange or to transactions between currencies.