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Intense week for Valencia away from home

Intense week for Valencia away from home

Mon, 10/21/2019 - 09:01

Valencia are getting ready to continue showing off their strength in the next two games, although it has been a long time since they touched the Mestalla grass. And this is the case for next two games, which will be played against Lille (23 October at 9:00 pm CET) at their French stadium, and the following one against Osasuna (27 October at 9:00 pm CET), in El Sadar stadium. Despite this, the odds are favourable for the Valencian team. Will Valencia be able to clinch two more victories?

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Valencia grows while facing challenges

Valencia got off to a good start in the Champions League, but then faced some problems. However, taking a close look at this team that has recently celebrated its 100th birthday, one can see that it is not the first time they have had to prove that they know how to overcome challenges and get out of a bad streak. 

Chelsea is playing against Ajax on the same day in October that Valencia is to face Lille. These games can be critical for deciding who takes second place in Group H. Ajax has already earned the respect of the group by winning their first two matches by 3-0, which makes one believe they are likely to win against Chelsea again. If the odds are correct, that is to say, if Ajax beat Chelsea and Valencia defeat Lille, Ajax would lead the group with 9 points, followed by Valencia with 6. 

As in financial markets, nothing is certain until the day ends, and we still have three match days left. However, one thing is clear, which is that Libertex and Valencia share the same value: that of staying strong and optimistic in the face of adversity.

Buena posición en LaLiga

Good position in La Liga

If we ignore the match against Barcelona, Valencia’s performance in La Liga has still been quite good, the team being among the top 10. 

The team from Navarra have the advantage of being on home ground and feeling the support of the audience, but let’s not forget that Valencia also has one of the best following of supporting fans in the world; these fans will not hesitate to travel to Pamplona to support their team, and of course, we will join them

The relevance of Statistics

As traders and fans of Valencia, we cannot help but feel optimistic. Both on the pitch and in the trading charts, statistical analysis is very important; in our case, the stats point to Valencia’s victory in both games, despite the Murciélagos having played away from home for some time and having already lost a few games. 

May we always be optimistic and continue to see Valencia grow, as well as our assets too! Trade now with Libertex! 


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