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Valencia vs Atlético Madrid, a battle of the elites

Valencia vs Atlético Madrid, a battle of the elites

Thu, 10/17/2019 - 09:37

Two darlings of La Liga are about to go head to head on October 19 at 16:00 CET. While the classic rivals FC Barcelona and Real Madrid sit comfortably on top, competition is fierce in the upper echelons of the Spanish league. This time Libertex partners Valencia FC (the third most supported football club in Spain) take on Atlético Madrid (the third most successful club in terms of league titles). Which team will take home the pride of victory?

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History points to a home win...

These two teams are no strangers to each other, and if we look at history, it would seem that Atlético Madrid has every reason to be confident. Valencia hasn’t managed to beat Atlético Madrid yet.

In their last match in 24 Apr 2019, the Colchoneros from Marid beat Valencia 3-2, and their face-off in August 2018 ended in a draw. Similarly, Valencia only managed a loss and a draw against Atlético Madrid in 2017.

Atlético haven't lost any of their last 13 home matches at the Wanda Metropolitano, so why are Valencia fans so hopeful regardless?


Valencia is coming to turn things around

...but Valencia is coming to turn things around

Valencia are coming up strong. Riding high after their 2 - 1 against CD Alavés (and we knew it!), The Oranges of Valencia have won 12 and lost 6 matches in the La Liga over the last 6 months, and are hungry to rack up more victories.

Sadly we’re not likely to see French centre-forward Kévin Gamiero lead Valencia’s charge against his old team, as the player is currently recovering from muscle injury. Nonetheless we’re sure our partner team will be giving it their all for an historic victory.

Calculation and courage in the match and the market

Football and trading are all about the odds, but that doesn’t mean it’s random chance! Both fan and trader use their mind and their instincts: the history of the club, the players and coaches, from long term trends down to the split second of unbearable tension when a leg lifts for the free kick – nothing compares to the excitement of seeing your favourite team snatch victory, or your assets go up in value.
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