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Leganés to challenge Getafe

Leganés to challenge Getafe

Mon, 10/21/2019 - 09:48

The last two of Getafe’s victories have given our blue team a good dose of strength and optimism to face their next game against Leganés. The derby expected by fans between these Madrid-based teams is crucial in order for Getafe to make their way to the top, and equally crucial for Leganés to stop falling lower in the table. 

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Motivation, an important factor to grow

As traders, we know that there is nothing better than motivation and optimism to start a good run and watch our assets grow. Getafe came motivated after beating Krasnodar, which helped the team secure yet another victory away from the Alfonso Pérez Coliseum, against Real Sociedad. 

By the addition of these three points, Getafe have a total of 10 in La Liga, rendering them safe from the relegation zone. Leganés, however, are still in that zone. They are 20th place and only have 2 points out of a possible 24.

Leganés need to gain some victories in order to be able to leave the relegation zone. “Los Pepineros” suffered a failed and controversial match against Valencia, but this does not stop the team from looking towards their next game with strength and motivation. While the players are concentrating on the derby, the club will take the necessary measures to have the case reviewed. This is all done in the background and without making too much noise, just like many of the Libertex trading strategies, where it is always advised to keep calm and act in a premeditated manner, without being carried away by impulsive emotions or stress.

Derbi vs Getafe

Derby at Getafe’s House

While Leganés are getting fully prepared, Getafe are enjoying their good run, but they’re not getting too relaxed. Next Saturday, at 18:30 CET, “Los Azulones” will have another supporting factor: the fans. One must not forget that the game will be played at the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez, and having supporting fans always helps. Of course, we are also going to join them in hoping that the current winning streak continues on Saturday!

What does a soccer match day and a trading day have in common?

La Liga and the financial markets have a very important factor in common: the volatility. The league standings may vary drastically from one week to another, because just like a trading day, a match day doesn’t always end as it begins. The 90 minutes of a match are long, and until the referee whistles for the end of the game, the score is not set. 

A football fan knows very well that tension and euphoria go hand in hand. In the world of trading, those feelings are just as relevant. To make profit at the end of a day, you have to combine intuition with analysis, just like a football fan does during their team’s game. We hope you continue to add points by encouraging your team and your assets with us. Trade with Libertex now!

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