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Nasdaq 100 off the boil ahead of key US data

As mentioned here earlier this morning the US equity futures are all still holding gains today ahead the important US March PCE report (12.30pm GMT). Much earlier this week a series of potential rebound objectives for the Nasdaq 100 were outlined here and repeated here again now, ahead of the opening. The index peaked this year at a record level of 18,464. The subsequent fall from that high reached a low at 16,973 last week. The first rebound objective (38.2%) has already been met, at 17,542. The next (50%) is now on the radar today and that is at 17,718. Earlier today the Nasdaq 100 futures were pricing a reopening as high as 17,700. They are currently pricing that at around 17,630 and of course this PCE data, due to be released ahead of the opening, could determine whether or not that is met, or perhaps surpassed, or even not met at all. 

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