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US stock futures lift for a while after PCE report-check out the Nasdaq 100 now

The US futures were all leaking lower heading into the US March PCE report. Since that release they have all bounced again and that has seen the Nasdaq 100 future rebound from below 17,600, to above 17,650. The first fully priced cut from the Fed is now skewed towards December and this data, despite not being as high as feared has done little to shift that outlook. The US futures are now paring back their immediate bounce on the report, but overall, not too much has changed for stocks and the dollar. The opening outlook remains positive for now, but this is a very fluid market this afternoon and it remains to be seen just how this will all play out when live stock trading resumes in around one hour. The Nasdaq 100 is just now priced to reopen at around 17,625

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