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Bonus funds and bonus account

What are bonus funds?

Bonus funds (bonuses) are funds that can be granted to the User by the Company due to the User's special status or participation in various Company programmes, and which can be used for trading and generating profit but cannot be directly withdrawn from Users' accounts. 

How do I get a bonus?

Bonuses are given for participation in the Company's various bonus programmes and campaigns, the details of which are provided by the Company on its website or by other means.

Where can I see how many bonus funds I have? 

You can see:

  • The bonus funds available for trading in your trading account wallet 
  • The balance of bonus funds on the bonus account in the wallet.

What is the maximum amount of bonus funds I can have on my account?

The maximum amount of bonus funds shall not exceed 20% of the total trading account balance for Libertex accounts or 30% of the total trading account balance for MetaTrader accounts. Bonus funds that exceed the respective proportion are kept on the bonus account in the wallet. 

In the event that the client increases/decreases his or her trading account balance, the remaining amount of bonus funds available for trading shall be adjusted automatically at the end of the day at 21:00 GMT. Open positions are not taken into account when calculating the ratio of real funds to bonus funds.

How can I use bonus funds?

Bonuses on your account serve to increase the margin for operations. For example, if you have 100 USD in real money and 20 USD in bonus funds, you can open a transaction for 120 USD. Keep in mind that profit will be in real money. You may withdraw it or use it to open other trades. If you have a trade loss, it may affect bonuses, too. You will first lose the real money, then any bonuses.

How do you calculate the remaining amount of any bonus funds involved in an open trade?

The trade shall first be backed by real funds, then by bonus funds.

What happens to my bonus funds if I withdraw my money from the platform?

When you withdraw funds from the platform, you will lose a proportion of your bonus funds equivalent to the amount you would receive for a deposit of the same size (depending on your current client status).

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