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Copy Trading

A service for copying trades from profitable trading strategies.
Copy Trading
Copy Trading

Unlock a passive income source in just 5 minutes

All the trading strategies presented in the service have seen profitability in real accounts and in tests using historical data.

Each strategy has a different approach to analysing the market (technical, fundamental, statistical), and its own trading method (manual, semi-automatic, automatic).

What do you get when you subscribe to the service?

  • Completely passive income
  • Proven strategies with up to 15 years of successful performance
  • Effective trading 24/7
  • Risk diversification
  • The ability to monitor trades in your account online


Trading strategies developed by our company’s analytics department have undergone a thorough selection process and have a confirmed history of positive performance.

Some strategies contain 2-7 subsystems that provide additional diversification within the overarching strategy.

You can adjust profitability and risk using a multiplier and earn more on your initial capital.

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