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Lesson 1. How to Trade in the Financial Markets


Many people think you need to have a professional financial background or a million dollars to trade in the financial market, however, this is simply not true.

Lesson 1

Thousands of people exchange currency every day but most don’t think about what they are really doing.

I am sure you have exchanged currency before going on a vacation, perhaps at the airport via a currency exchange booth. You would have provided some cash in one currency and received cash in another. What you received back was dependent upon the conversion rate at the time.

Let's assume that whilst you were on vacation, there was news that the unemployment rate in the US had dropped and the US dollar rate had increased by 5%. When you returned home, you changed the US dollars back to your local currency and noticed that you made a 5% profit.

What happened? In simple terms you made two trades: the first when you bought US dollars, the second when you sold them and made 5% profit.

Lesson 1

Professional traders make similar trades, however, instead of taking place in a currency exchange booth at the airport, they take place through the easy to use online Libertex platform, on their mobile phones, tablets and PC's. Traders also learn how to predict price movements, in order to earn money on a regular basis.

You can be a pro trader, too!  Try some of our lessons and learn how to earn in the financial markets!

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