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Juventus Football Club SPA

Juventus Football Club SPA is an Italian football club internationally recognised as one of the most successful and popular in Europe and the world. Juventus was named the world's 7th greatest football club of the 20th century as part of FIFA's Club of the Century award, while the results of a 2012 survey revealed that the team is the most popular club in Italy with approximately 130 million supporters worldwide. 

A group of Turin students founded "Sport-Club Juventus" in 1897 and it was only two years later that it became a football club. In 1900 the team had a forgettable first season in the Italian Football Championship, but did win its first ever trophy that same year. 

A group of Swiss businessmen were the first to invest in the club in 1904, though in 1913 the team's lack of finance almost saw it disqualified from the Italian top flight. It was only after the end of the First World War that Juventus managed to cement its position in the league.

The Agnelli family—who controls most of the Italian automotive industry—has owned the club since 1923, leading it to a successful debut on the international football stage following the end of the Second World War. The club became a public limited company in 1967 and its shares have been listed on the Italian stock market since 2001.
Juventus's market capitalisation stands at 1.7 billion euros and it posted a net profit of 42.6 million euros for the 2016/2017 season.