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2. Prior analysis of expert advisors on MQL



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Hello, dear Traders. In the previous video, we spoke about, where to find, expert advisors for empty four. And now we'll continue with analyzing, the, robots, the most popular robots available at the moment. So as I said, you need to pay attention to the activations, date of publishing and actually number of reviews and comments.

If we'll take a look at the second one robot, yeah, it has over a thousand reviews and over like two thousand and seven hundred comments. So it means that, you can actually get a lot of useful information from the comments even before testing the robot, on your own. And, for example, this robot it was published, three years ago. So I think it's, like, more reliable and, like, at least it has like, more comments and reviews that may help you to, make your own picture and understanding on this robot.

And the top, like, three robot, the third one, that costs almost six thousand dollars. It has, like, Only seventy nine comments, twenty two reviews. So, it means that this robot, it may be, like, popular, but because of its price, like, not many people actually wear, like, using it and, like, commenting it. So let's get back to the first one we spoke about.

It's name, hero, a, empty four.

Here you can find, that under the description of the RAM screenshots of the back test, testing history So back testing is a feature of metadata platform. I'll show you in, one of the next videos. It helps you to understand if the robot was working in history. If yes, it does make sense to make a forward test. I mean, to trade, on it, on a demo account for some period and then to switch on to the real account. Cause if the robot was not making money in the past, you have no guarantee it will make it in the future. Even if it has a profitable history, it's not a hundred percent guarantee, but still, you can, understand the way it behaves.

It's like historical maximum drawdowns, profitability, etcetera.

So, if robot has back tests, it's okay, but what is better?

It's, an availability of a real time, history with, real trace on his real accounts. Cause if, you're offered to pay some amount of money, And you can see that author risks with his own money or the money of his investors and these robots and and, simply shows you, the back test actually it may, like, rise some some questions if this strategy is profitable, why he is not trading it on the real account. So, speaking about the second robot, gold stuff. You can see that, this robot has, like, real time results, at least they put a hyperlink here.

They have a manual and, obviously, like back tests.

They show how this robot works.

The, they show the screenshot of the main account that they, registered. Let's take a look. Edit and, I will tell you how to, analyze the monitoring of robots because if robot has a monitoring. It's a huge plus for you, to understand if this robot, really, like, works on a real time history.

And if this author has several monitoring and you want to buy one of his products. It doesn't make sense to take a look at all of the robots that are available here. In the next video, I'll explain you how to analyze of the signal statistics.


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