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Why Getafe CF has a chance to win against Barcelona?

Why Getafe CF has a chance to win against Barcelona?

Fri, 09/27/2019 - 13:12

The upcoming Saturday match between Getafe CF and one the most famous Spanish teams, FC Barcelona, will be hot, like trading EUR\USD at the time of publication of US Non-Farm Payrolls. Find out with Libertex why “Chelsea español” has real chances to win the match with “Barça”!

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Getafe CF had met FC Barcelona on the field more than 30 times and according to statistics, FCB defeated «Azul» team in 72% of matches. However, even such result does not guarantee victory for the Barcelona team in the upcoming match, just as positive data on the US economy does not always mean a stronger US dollar.

Last time «Azul» met with «Barça» in May, 2019. That time FC Barcelona defeated Getafe CF with a score 2:0, though they made only one goal in the 39th minute, plus the second goal was completely random. Getafe CF’s center-back Djena Dakonam rolled the ball into his own net at the 89th minute. Without this annoying failure, the gap between Barcelona and Getafe CF is not that big.

In the upcoming game, the balance is more on Getafe CF’s side seeing as FC Barcelona will play without the world famous Lionel Messi, who got injured in a recent football match with Villarreal CF. Without Messi, FC Barcelona will be weaker, which increases the chance of winning against «Chelsea español».

Why Getafe CF has a chance to win against Barcelona?

In addition, Getafe CF’s team spirit is stronger after the Libertex Derby match, when the Getafe CF had a draw with Valencia FC. «Azul» therefore have every chance of winning the upcoming match. This is just like every trader can earn on the EUR\USD when US economy statistics is published. One just needs to choose the right direction for the deal on EUR/USD to win, just as Getafe CF only needed a right tactics to defeat «Blaugranas».

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