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Valencia CF vs Getafe CF Libertex Derby: watch on 25 September

Valencia CF vs Getafe CF Libertex Derby: watch on 25 September

Tue, 09/24/2019 - 08:30

On Wednesday, September 25th, all of the football world’s eyes will be on Libertex. Mestalla stadium will hold the first Libertex derby in history, with both Valencia CF and Getafe CF sporting our logo on their playing kits.

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However, these will not be the only perks for Libertex: the whole stadium and its surroundings will boast a full Libertex experience, with activities inside and outside, information points, videos, canvas, etc., and the most exciting promos for both football and online trading fans.

Where will you see us at the match?

  • The circle banner in the middle of the pitch

  • The XI starting line for both Valencia CF and Getafe CF 

  • The half time - our clients will shoot penalty goals!

  • Before the game, the fans play at kicker foosball tables in a Getafe vs Valencia match rivarly.

  • The jumbo screen and LED screen

  • On all social media channels, #libertexderby will be trending

The excitement of trading and football unite!

The game promises to be as exciting as trading is in the financial market with Libertex. The outcome of the game is difficult to predict in advance, but one thing is clear - football fans will be able to enjoy the game played by the two excellent teams, just as Libertex traders enjoy trading in the financial market. In the matches between Valencia and Getafe, Valencia has defeated Getafe twice the amount of times that Getafe has beaten them (15 wins for Valencia versus 7 wins for Getafe since 2004). However, in terms of the number of goals, Valencia was not able to get so far ahead (46 versus 32 goals).

At the same time, in recent years, the teams have remained head-to-head. Thus, during the previous match on March 17th, 2019, the teams ended up drawing, with a score of 0:0. Although Valencia is placed 34th in the UEFA ranking, and Getafe is out of the ranking, Getafe has a chance to win the upcoming match. Getafe’s positions can be strengthened by the transition of Valencia’s midfielder - David Remeseiro Salgueiro - who was announced in early September 2019.

How the profit and losses in football correlate with trading

All this allows us to say that the teams have approximately equal chances to win, and that the game will be interesting for football fans. In addition, this game may open up new opportunities for the fans. Football matches are very similar to trading in the financial market. One team’s loss means the other team’s win, just as an uptrend for one asset allows those who bought it to make a profit and those who sold it - to lose. Libertex is the sponsor of both teams, which means that regardless of the match outcome, the company’s customers will win. After all, Libertex provides excellent opportunities for earning both on growth and on decline. Everyone can start trading currencies, stocks, indices, energy, cryptocurrencies and other financial instruments on Libertex. To do this, all that you have to do is open an account and transfer the necessary amount of money to it, as well as select the instrument that works for you, and then open a trade in the right direction.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take part in the Libertex derby and become a financial market trader! Follow us on social media and stay tuned to this page, where we will update you with all the fan activities you could enjoy during the day.


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