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Where to buy and sell Slack shares? The new instrument is now available in Libertex

Where to buy and sell Slack shares? The new instrument is now available in Libertex

Fri, 06/21/2019 - 11:09

Libertex just expanded its trading portfolio launching CFD (contracts for difference) for shares of Slack Inc. (WORK). This provides Libertex users with new trading opportunities.

Traders are not only able to use Slack as one of the most popular messengers worldwide, but they trade CFD on its shares too! Slack is an attractive instrument for both short term traders and long-term investors.

Slack made a direct listing at June 20th, and raised $4,5 billion USD. Slack became the third “unicorn” company, after Lyft and Pinterest, that started offering its shares in the past months. All three companies are available at Libertex.

Trade Slack now with Libertex!

About Libertex:
Libertex is an international brand with a twenty year history in the financial markets and online commerce. Libertex provides investors with access to trading stocks, currencies, indices, commodities, gold, oil, gas and many other financial instruments. The Libertex team has more than 2,200,000 customers in Latin America, Europe and Asia owing to its first-class service. Libertex has more than 200 commercial instruments. In 2016, Libertex was recognized by the Forex EXPO Awards as the best trading platform; and the Global Banking and Finance Review named it the best trading application in the EAEU. In 2017-2018, Libertex was announced as Best trading application and Best cryptocurrency broker by Forex Awards.

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