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Hope for Children unveil new renovations made possible by Libertex's donation

Tue, 07/25/2023 - 13:44

Last year, Libertex signed a Protocol for Cooperation with “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center, aimed at supporting the humanitarian programmes and structures of the organisation, as well as the implementation of joint actions to protect children’s rights. 

We honoured the signing with a donation which was partly used to help renovate the children’s shelters operated by HFC in Nicosia. We are very excited to share the improvements and proud to have been able to support the invaluable work that’s been carried out within the organisation. 

“Home for Hope”

The organization recently commemorated the 9th anniversary of the establishment and operation of its private shelter, 'Home for Hope,' in Nicosia for unaccompanied children. The celebration took place during a special event held at the Nicosia Shelter, where the Executive Director of 'Hope For Children' CRC Policy Center, Andria Neocleous, gave special recognition to Libertex for its invaluable support in renovating the shelter's rooms. These renovations have significantly improved the living conditions, creating a more comfortable and inspiring environment for the children. The impact of these improvements extends far beyond the immediate, influencing the children's future and positively contributing to our shared society.

About Hope For Children

"Hope For Children" CRC Policy Center (HFC) stands as the largest non-profit organization in the field of child protection in Cyprus, unwaveringly dedicated to the well-being of all children. With multifaceted humanitarian programs at its core, HFC diligently focuses on ensuring the welfare, education, and prevention of violence against children. Through its services, the organization leaves a lasting positive impact on the lives of the beneficiaries and their families. Since its establishment in 2014, "'Home for Hope" has been a staple in society by providing services and safety for over 570 unaccompanied children.

We believe in creative positive change and improving the quality of live through unwavering commitment. And thus, will continue in our efforts to create a lasting impact on the lives of those in need, particularly children. 

Find more information on “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center at


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