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1. How to find expert advisors on MQL



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Hello, dear Traders. In this video, we'll speak about the trading, robots or expert advisors on Metatrader for Platform, that are used by many investors around the globe to get a passive income.

What is important for us is to, look for the reliable robots to learn how to select them to analyze their performance, and to back test on, history before putting the robots on the real account. So there are two places where you can find those robots. First is, on mpl5, dot com, you need simply to go to this website and, register an account, or you can do it from your meta trader for platform.

You can find the MQ5 community button here at the bottom right corner.

If you're not logged in, you'll be shown that the message with, the window with an to register an account auto log in. So you can log in from Metatrader, and you can log in from the website. Personally for me is more comfortable to use website than meta trader platform course here.

The description page of each robot is, not really convenient. You need to resize your terminal section and still there are some links that will still lead you to the browser version and is better to analyze the roamers from the web. And when you select the one you want to test, you go to meta trader market and select it, from the market and install, right to your trading platform.

So as I said, you can find the robots here on m q l five dot com. To do it, you need to go to the section market.

Then you need to go to the section meta trader for experts.

Press on it and you will see the Robots, represented, for empty for platform, sorted by popularity.

At the top, you can see the most popular robots, usually popular robots are paid, but still there are some, like, free robots. We're gonna take a look at, let's say, the top popular robot from, popular section, and let's, check the popular robot from a free version.

We're not making any advertisement on these robots. We're just like picking up, like, the leaders, to, show you how to analyze the robots before uploading them and putting them on your real account because even if the robot is free, it doesn't mean that it will be profitable. If it's paid, it's also it it doesn't mean that it, may be profitable. So that's why.

Before telling you how to install a robot.

We will tell you how to choose a robot and how to back test it.

What you need to look at, to find a good and reliable strategy. So let's take a look at the top robot, that is available, for NT four at the moment. You can see that, this robot has a page with, the overview, reviews and comments. There are three sections. First of all, please pay attention to the following things is a number of activations of these robots. B, date when it was published.

Usually, the older robot, the better is for you because it has like, better history. And obviously, it will have more reviews and comments that will help you to get a real picture because, usually in all your section, everything is very, like, bright and author tries to sell you the robot, but the real reviews from, the users, it may may help you to make a right decision on choosing their robots.

We can even take from the popular section, like, not only one, but let's say we'll take three top robots and we're gonna take one robot from free.

Section and we'll analyze, them, to find which of them may be a good choice for us to at least backtest it on a history.

We're gonna do it in the next video. Thanks for watching.


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