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Personal action plan for Nobel Portfolios

For new users! Deposit funds to your account and get Nobel Portfolios, a proven investment solution.
Personal action plan for Nobel Portfolios
Personal action plan for Nobel Portfolios

The Nobel Investment Portfolio 

is an example of a personal action plan for investing funds in financial markets for one year.

After registering and depositing funds to your account, you'll receive a proven, ready-made solution.

The Nobel Portfolios solutions have a 10-year history that can be tracked and evaluated.

Access to the Nobel Portfolios becomes available when depositing from $100 (the Aggressive portfolio) or from $200 (the Moderate portfolio).

Historical yield of the Aggressive Nobel Portfolio since 2013


Nobel Portfolio structure
(valid until the end of 2022)

The Nobel Portfolios proven solution can be found under the Lab section in the Libertex app. It's available to all new clients registered since 3 March 2022.

You can open a portfolio containing several assets in one click.

Nobel Portfolios are built on the principles invented by Harry Markowitz, a Nobel laureate in economics. Nobel Portfolios have performed well for ten years. 

Nobel Portfolios operate by finding assets and their proportion using a mathematical and statistical model that minimises the portfolio's volatility (risk) for a given potential return. The portfolio includes assets from different groups: stock indices, metals, energy and agricultural assets. 

These assets have the lowest volatility (change in price) during market fluctuations.

Join portfolios based on a mathematical-statistical approach, and you'll immediately improve your investment game!

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