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The DSH/ETH rate displays the DASH rate expressed in the second largest cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH) and shows and how many Ethers one DASH costs.

DASH (DSH) is not only a digital currency, but also a decentralised payment system. It appeared back in 2014. DASH technology is based on the experience of Bitcoin and its forks, but it also includes its own unique "hooks", its own programmers working on it. It is one of the top ten largest cryptocurrency capitals in the world.

Ethereum is a well-known cryptocurrency. Ethereum is more often called the platform, based on the technology of blockade. The cryptocurrency itself is called Ethereum. The platform was proposed in 2013, but only in started earning 2015. It was created by a programmer from Canada with Russian roots, Vitalik Buterin. In the Ethereum system, each transaction is accompanied by a Smart contract.

Investment opportunities

Like most cryptocurrencies, the DSH/ETH rate demonstrates high volatility, which makes the pair attractive for active traders.  During periods of active movements, the average daily volatility reaches a value of 19.2%.   

How to buy and sell DSH/ETH?

To simply exchange one cryptocurrency for another, you must have one of these currencies and use the services of a specialised crypto exchange. However, for earnings to change their value, it is better to use brokers and trading platforms. For example, Metatrader 4 or Libertex. On these platforms, it is easier to make transactions, and they allow you to use credit leveraging.