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3. Analysis profitability charts of expert advisors on MQL



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Hello, dear traders. In this video, we'll speak about the analysis of the signals provided by the sellers of robots that usually meant to, give you more information, about the behavior of the robot in real time. Speaking about this monitoring.

We can see that the profitability is six hundred percent, but this profit was made in a single month. Obviously that you cannot, forecast, the way of how the robot will behave in the future. Basic on the history of only one month. So what is important here is, the maximum drawdown here is like two point three percent.

And, actually, I don't think that the whole represented information actually is correct. You can actually check the statistics. You can see that there were, like, actually, thirty five trades, closed, like, totally.

Like, we have some trading history. But, like, we, like, we see that it's like it it looks suspicious six hundred percent, the months.

Speaking about of the third robot from top three.

It also has, some, like, reviews and comments. It's, it is very, very expensive.

And it also has its monitoring. And let's take a look at this monitoring. It shows seven hundred and fifty four percent but the history is, more than four years. You can see that, this monitoring, actually started in twenty nineteen and now it's like it's still function.

So everything like it looks, like much more better than previous one because we can see that, let's say this profit was not gained by several, lucky rates. It's a constant result. From months to months from year to year. So it's obviously it is a plus.

So after you, like, saw that this robot, trace for some time, you need to check the maximum drawdown.

So it means, the amount of money, that amount of floating loss that you had during, the trading of this robot. So imagine that you put ten thousand dollars, and there was a moment when you had on your account minus five hundred five thousand four hundred and ninety dollars. So, actually, it's a lot five hundred fifty percent drawdown. It's a lot.

And please don't compare maximum drawdown to the overall profitability because sometimes, different traders may boost their accounts, but, MKL, it shows like real monthly profitability. So for example, you can see that if we speak about the monthly performance, you may have plus two percent, minus three percent, around zero. Or we're gonna have, some lucky months for forty percent. And, actually, if you speak about annual profitability.

It's, like, around, from, let's say, twenty six plus eight, let's say it will be like thirty plus percent from thirty to one hundred and fifteen percent. So the average profitability of this system is around, sixty or seventy percent per year. So not seven hundred and fifty four. So it means that actually you need to compare this like yearly profitability with the maximum drawdown and, answer the question.

If you want to earn, let's say, two percent per months or zero, but, potentially have a drawdown of fifty percent. If yes, go ahead. If not. You need to look for another robot.

So here are the main things you need to know about the robots even before downloading them. So, let's, speak about all of them. First of all, take a look at the number of like reviews and comments and activations, to reveal some hidden things, then, take a look if you have a back test provided by an author. And if you have it, take a look, if you have a, real time monitoring.

If you have the real time on turning is good. Take a look if this monitoring is reliable and its profit that, is shown here at the total profit it was gained, like, by the system, for several months or several years on a constant basis. And it not a lucky shot that was, like, actually made. And now, now the author tries to sell you this robot.

In the next video, I'll show you how to install, robot, to the meta trader platform and, to start back testing.


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