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Tilray Brands Inc.

Tilray Brands Inc. (ticker – TLRY) is a Canadian medical cannabis producer. It is headquartered in Nanaimo, Canada.
Tilray is one of a select number of licensed companies which are GMP-certified for cultivation, import, release and distribution. It was the first company in the sector to list its shares on the NASDAQ.
Tilray Brands Inc. shares are traded on the US and Canadian stock markets.

Revenue Tilray Brands Inc.
According to its 2017 financial results, the company's income stood at USD 11.4 million. It is projecting a 627% increase (to a total of USD 71.5 million) for financial 2019.

Brand goodwill
The company was one of the first to supply its products to countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the US.

Shares and quoted stock prices Tilray Brands Inc.
The company's shares are traded on the New York and Toronto stock exchanges. With a unit share price of USD 116, the company's market capitalization stands at USD 10.18 billion.

Earnings potential
Tilray made its IPO on the NASDAQ in August of 2018, at a unit price of USD 23. The company's shares showed the most growth in September of the same year, rising 1304% to reach USD 300 per share in the space of just two months.
Based on company forecasts predicting increased profits, this period of strong share price growth looks set to continue going forward.