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Will Getafe CF win against Granada?

Will Getafe CF win against Granada?

Fri, 11/01/2019 - 00:00

Getafe is currently facing one of their most interesting rivalries so far -: Granada, who got promoted to La Liga before this season, is already regarded as a worthy contender. Without a doubt, fans on both sides will not want to miss one second of the coming match, as financial market traders who hedge their risks in such assets as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium don’t miss a tweet by Donald Trump.  Who will claim victory and get the three points? 

One of the best seasons ever for Granada

Sports media are not hesitating to grant Granada the title of “The best-promoted team of the 21st century”. Truly, since 2001, no other team has ever achieved 17 points in just 9 rounds. The Andalusian team was one of the few that were able to beat the titanic Barcelona this season and is making pretty memorable progress. It is thus quite clear that Getafe is really going to be challenged for this one. 

In addition, Granada is amongst the top positions in the standings, only behind the classic winners, Real Madrid and Barcelona. Granada can be compared to platinum in a row of TOP-3 hedging instruments in Libertex trading terminal - gold, silver, and platinum. Getafe, meanwhile, remains in the mid-zone, like palladium that is not so popular compared to others, but and wants to continue earning points.

Getafe’s Ángel could save the game

The match against Granada is regarded as a real challenge for Getafe, but just as with trading, there’s no routine, and challenges are what makes fans and traders enjoy investing time, money and, of course, emotions.

Getafe has Ángel, the veteran striker who is devoted to the league and the team, as he has repeatedly shown, one of the last cases being two goals against Leganés.

The victory against Leganés wasn’t just about getting three more points but was also about showing that the Azulones want to continue their last season’s good performance, where they came fifth. Without any doubt, defeating Granada would help them advance a few positions. 

Tension and ups and downs in one of the best leagues in Europe.

The Spanish La Liga is one of the best in Europe, followed by the Premier League. And it is for things like this: a newly promoted team leaving no one indifferent, while Getafe is showing how one can climb up with good speed.

Getafe fans are having a meeting at their home, Coliseum Alfonso Pérez, in order to support their team towards victory. We hope you can claim a victory with your financial assets too, especially if you use the Libertex platform. 

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