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Valencia’s Welcome Academy event for the kids and parents on Sept 18

Valencia’s Welcome Academy event for the kids and parents on Sept 18

Thu, 09/12/2019 - 13:27

Want to win your Valencia vs Leganes tickets? Or would you rather receive a football signed by the top La Liga players? Then bring your kids and come on over to WELCOME ACADEMY EVENT IN VALENCIA! 

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As a sponsor of Valencia Football Club, Libertex aims to bring fans closer to their favourite team. As part of the new promotion, each participant has the opportunity to win one of the gifts from the football club or a ticket to the Valencia vs Leganes match. If you would like to participate, come to the WELCOME ACADEMY EVENT IN VALENCIA, and while your children are playing at Mestalla Stadium, we will show you how to enter the draw and become a potential trader in one click. 

Libertex changes the rules of the game and can open up many opportunities, both in football and in the financial market. Libertex has introduced an advanced technology that allows you to skip thinking about complex charts and calculations, and to focus on making a profit instead. This technology makes the financial market accessible to both experienced traders and beginners. In addition, thanks to the concept of financial scouting, making a profit has become even easier.

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