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Trading hours change due to Summer time change in the USA

Thu, 03/05/2020 - 14:26

Dear Customers!

We remind you that effective March 8, 2020 the United States of America are reverting to daylight saving time. Therefore, the trading time for some instruments will change. 

InstrumentChange of trading hours (GMT) XAGUSD (Silver)
XAUUSD (Gold)  22:05-20:59 Brent Crude Oil (BRN)  
WTI Crude Oil (WT)  00:05-22:00 Light Sweet Crude Oil (CL)
Heating Oil (HO) 
Henry Hub Natural Gas (NG) 22:05-21:00 Stocks (except for IDCB, LNVG, TCTZ, NINTENDO_JP, ADS, BMW, DBK, VOW, DAI, BAYN, SIE, BAS, SAP, DG, FP, EDF, REP, ITX, JUVE, ENEL, ENI, RNO, BNP, AIR, Aeroflot, Gazprom, Lukoil, MTS, Nornickel, Novatek, Rosneft, Sberbank) 13:30-19:55 Platinum (PL) 
Palladium (PA)
Copper (HG) 22:05-21:00 Dow Jones (YM) 
S&P 500 (ES)
Nikkei 225 (NKD)
RUSSELL 2000 (TF) 20:30-21:00 22:00-20:15 Corn, Soybean, Wheat 00:00-18:20 Cocoa 09:45-17:30 Coffee 09:15-17:30 Sugar 08:30-17:00 AGG, EWG, EWU, EWW, EWZ, FXI, IJH, ILF, SPY, VGK 13:30-19:55 USDX 00:00-21:00

After the time shift in the USA, the market opening time on Sunday will be set at 21:00 GMT. Market closing time will not change.    

Please, consider these changes during your trading.

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