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Libertex launches new account type for committed investors: meet Libertex Portfolio

Mon, 10/04/2021 - 09:50

The number of new entrants into the equities market is soaring, but rather than looking to get rich quick, the new breed of market players is more interested in long term, low-risk capital growth. Libertex, a leading international firm offering tradeable CFDs for over 25 years, is now launching a new account type tailored specifically to the needs of today’s investors. Libertex Portfolio aims to provide investors with unmatched terms that reward conservative but consistent activity in the financial markets, providing a range of benefits over the one-size-fits-all approach that still dominates the online trading industry at large.

What is Libertex Portfolio?

Libertex Portfolio is a brand-new account type offered on the multi-award winning Libertex trading platform designed especially for investors. Unlike Libertex’s standard trading accounts, this new option is geared towards people who are looking to make regular purchases of stocks over an extended period of time, with a view to making steady long-term gains. Now, at this point, you could be forgiven for wondering what makes Libertex Portfolio any better than a standard client account. However, here’s the best part: ZERO commission! No, you didn’t read that wrong; Libertex Portfolio clients won’t have any commission or account management fees eating away at their profits or dividends, which means they can reinvest them for even more gains instead of giving them back to their broker.

How is Libertex Portfolio different from a standard Libertex CFD trading account?

Obviously the biggest difference is the zero commission offered on all trades. For a full comparison of both Libertex account types, consult the table below:

 Libertex PortfolioLibertex CFD
List of smart filtersIn focus, Trending, Dividends, FavouritesHot, Trending, Favourites, Options, Signals, Top rising, Top falling, Top volatility, Upwards trends, Downwards trend, Commodities
Group of instrumentsSharesForex, Crypto, Indices, Commodities, Shares, ETFs and Options
Trade directionLong positions onlyLong and short positions
Trading methodEach trade with the same instrument has a netting scheme in Libertex PortfolioEach trade with the same instrument is a separate trade in Libertex CFD
Pending ordersNo pending orders, Take profit and Stop loss ordersThere are pending orders, Take profit and Stop loss orders
Dividend paymentPaid into trading account balancePaid into an open trade
Demo accountsNoYes
Status levelsStatus levels do not apply to Libertex PortfolioYes

Real advantages for real investors

Thanks to Libertex, the days of responsible savers being punished with high commission and account inactivity fees are now over. With a Libertex Portfolio account, all your gains go directly to you and not to your broker. You invest as much you want each month and can rest easy knowing that every penny you put in is working for you. And because Libertex Portfolio only offers real stocks with no multiplier, you have much greater control over your capital risk. It’s how money management should work – easy, fast, free.

Also, apart from there being no overt fees and charges, Libertex Portfolio ensures no SWAPS, margin calls or stop outs drain your cash. What’s more, your dividends are credited directly to your trading account balance right on time, so you decide what happens to them and no one else. So, don’t let fees and commissions eat away your profits; make your money work for you instead with a Libertex Portfolio account.

How do I open a Libertex Portfolio account?

If you’re new to Libertex and are creating your very first account, Libertex Portfolio is now offered as a standalone option during registration (see below).


Otherwise, for existing clients, the Libertex Portfolio account has now been added to the login screen from where you can register your account. Simply go to your profile and select the "Create Libertex Portfolio Account" option as shown on the screenshot below:


Libertex Portfolio enables you to buy shares in top companies such as Google, Apple, Tesla and others at your own convenience. The full range of stock options spans the tech, automotive, industrial, healthcare, entertainment, medical cannabis and food sectors, among others. This of course allows you to build a diverse investment portfolio that minimises risk.

So, whether you’re a new client or one of the Libertex faithful, why not take advantage of this exciting opportunity for commission-free investments? Besides, as any die-hard investor will agree, it is wiser to keep some investments in a stable, lower-risk portfolio and most importantly to never forget that as It always feels like the best time to invest in companies such as these was yesterday, the next best time is the present.

With that in mind, either go to or sign into the platform and register your own Libertex Portfolio account today. Do more with your money, invest in stocks commission-free with Libertex and simply... Trade For More!

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