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If Valencia CF defender Christiano Piccini was an asset, which would he be?

If Valencia CF defender Christiano Piccini was an asset, which would he be?

Thu, 09/19/2019 - 13:34

There’s one traditional defensive asset that investors buy when financial markets become too volatile, and when their unpredictability makes risky asset investments way too dangerous. Could you guess it? This asset is gold. It’s for this reason that almost all defenders of football clubs can be compared to gold - they very rarely score decisive goals in matches, but they are essential in a football game, because they protect their team from oppositional attacks.

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Even though gold is not a highly profitable asset, in addition to not bringing high yielding profits, it does serve the purpose of saving you what you already have. This is exactly why we need defenders in football - to help us maintain the status quo.

Cristiano Piccini, Valencia’s defender, started his career with Fiorentina - his hometown club. After having played for various football clubs in Italy, Spain and Portugal - Cagliari, Carrarese, Livorno, Betis, Sporting and others - he finally joined Valencia in the summer of 2018, where he still plays today. 

He demonstrated fairly consistent results when playing for all of the above clubs, which also makes him very similar to gold in terms of a financial instrument, which is an attractive asset, precisely because of its predictability and the lack of volatility of quotes. 

Piccini is in quite high demand in the market, which also makes him similar to gold, since this precious metal is a highly desired asset. In 20143, Piccini was loaned by the Spanish Betis, which he helped become one of the world’s elite team, based on the results of the season. After the lease expired, the club management bought out the player’s transfer for 1.3 million euros, proving that he is in high demand as a professional player.

Piccini is also constantly improving his performance, once again making him similar to gold, showing steady growth with almost no significant periods of decline. The current price of gold in the market amounts to $1,538 per troy ounce. When Piccini transferred to Valencia, the compensation amount was €80 million. The four-year contract was signed with the club, and the transfer amount was €80 million.
The Valencia defender also played for the Italian national team, which indicates that he is a pretty good football player, valued by coaches and fans alike. In this respect, he is very similar to gold, which is invariably popular among investors who go for it during periods of recession or increased volatility in the financial markets. Root for Valencia and trade gold with Libertex!

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