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Description of the х999 Trading System

Dear Customer,

We present you with a venture capital trading approach that allows you to make returns of 200% and more! It is a high-frequency strategy that aims to lock in profitable trades quickly. The number of trades during the day can be between 10 and 50, depending on market activity and the news environment. The trading approach uses a unique feature of the Libertex terminal - auto-increase of the trade amount in the event of a 50% drawdown of the investment (margin call). Auto Increase allows you to average the price in one click if the market goes against the open trade.

Attention! Because the strategy is an aggressive one, we recommend that you make some trades on a demo account before you implement it on a real account!

Description of the х999 trading system
Trading platform

Libertex platform (Web, Mobile)

Tradable assets

Primary: EUR/USD, GBP/USD 

Timeframe applied


Recommended operational deposit

Initial investment$100 (or 1% of deposit)
Take Profit$50 (or 0.5% of deposit)
Multiplier999 (max)
Marginal investment risk for forced selling$1000 (or 10% of deposit)

Trading time

Anytime except during potentially highly volatile periods (30 min before and 30 min after economic news of medium or high importance. The economic news calendar can be viewed here).

Action plan

1. Before you start trading, you need to set up your Libertex trading platform.

2. To find the asset in quick search, these assets must be added to Favourites: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, USDCAD, AUDUSD, NZDUSD


3. On each asset, set the M5 timeframe (5 minutes) and add the RSI indicator (Oscillators - Relative Strength Index) to the expanded version of the chart

Indicador RSI

4. The signal to open a buy investment shall be the "oversold" RSI indicator when it falls below 30. A sell investment should be opened when the RSI is "overbought" and rises above 70. In the platform's mobile version, RSI changes can be viewed in the INDICATORS tab.

Ejemplos de señal de compraExample of a buy signal

Ejemplos de señal de ventaExample of a sell signal

INDICADOR RSI en la versión móvil de la plataforma
The RSI indicator in the platform's mobile version

5. Once the signal appears, a trade is entered with the following parameters:

- Investment amount: $100 (or 1% of the deposit)
- Multiplier: 999 (max)
- TakeProfit: $50 (or 0.5% of the deposit)
- Stop Loss: not set
- Trade amount auto-increase must be activated (for the web platform, this is after entering the trade; for the platform's mobile version, it's before a position)



Para la versión móvil de la plataforma
For the platform's mobile version

6. The trade is expected to be closed upon reaching TakeProfit. If the price moves against the opened position, an auto-increase of the trade amount takes place, and the Take Profit level is automatically adjusted based on the new investment amount.

Example of auto-increase:
- The amount for Trade #1 is $100
With a 50% drawdown (at -$50), 50% of the first amount is added (i.e., $50 + $100)
- Amount for Trade #2 becomes $150
With a 50% drawdown (at -$75), 50% of the second amount is added (i.e., $75 + $150)
- The amount for Trade №3 becomes $225
With a 50% drawdown (at -$112.50), 50% of the third amount is added (i.e., $112.50 + $225)
- The amount for Trade #4 becomes $337.50

This continues until either the Take Profit is triggered or forced selling needs to take place when a drawdown of -$1000 (10% of the deposit) occurs.

In order to avoid exceeding the marginal investment risk, keep an eye on the position and close it manually if needed.

La operación cierre

7. After closing the trade, the position can be re-opened if the signal is still active.

Ejemplo de operaciones cerradas (versión web de la plataforma Libertex)Example of closed positions (Libertex web version)

Ejemplo de operaciones cerradas (versión móvil de la plataforma Libertex) 
Example of closed positions (in the platform's mobile version)

8. Suggested limits:

- Don't open more than 3 trades in the same trading account
- Don't open more than 1 trade in one direction for the same asset

9. If you have any questions about the usage of this trading system, please contact your personal account manager.

All the best!

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