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Enjin Coin (ENJUSD)

Enjin Coin is an Ethereum-based token that was created for various uses on different websites and in online games. The coin can be used to trade virtual items and assets on the Enjin platform (a content management system). The Enjin Coin project is being developed by Enjin, a leading company in the gaming industry.

There are one billion ENJ coins, with over 760 million in circulation. 80% of ENJ has already been sent to participants of a public coin sale in October 2017. The rest were given to the Enjin team, consultants and for incentive programmes. When a user asset is created, its ENJ value is removed from the ecosystem. This decreases circulation and increases the value of individual ENJ tokens.

ENJ's capitalisation at the beginning of April 2021 was over $2.5 billion. 

Trading opportunities 

The tokens started trading in October 2017. In just Q1 2021, ENJUSD increased more than 19.6 times in value! Its average intraday volatility was 19.6%.

How to buy and sell ENJUSD

You can buy and sell ENJUSD on specialised cryptocurrency exchanges, but the best way to trade it is through a broker or trading platforms, such as MetaTrader 4 or Libertex, where trades are easier to make, leverage can be used, and you can even earn if the cryptocurrency's value goes down.