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What Is EURO STOXX 50?
What Is EURO STOXX 50?

What Is EURO STOXX 50?

The EURO STOXX 50 Index is used to measure the current situation in the European economy. The calculation of this index takes into account 50 large companies in Europe. The selected companies are called "blue-chip", meaning they are well-established and financially sound. Similar to the Dow Jones 30 in the United States, it gives traders and investors information on the current trading opportunities.

What Is EURO STOXX 50?

The EURO STOXX 50 shows the share price performance of 50 companies with the highest capitalization. They account for 60% of the total cap in Europe, which is the majority of publicly available shares that are regularly traded. The companies cover 19 supersectors in 11 Eurozone countries.

STOXX Limited is a company that calculates stock indices. Indices they calculate are often used as financial instruments underlying financial products. Additionally, they are used to gauge risk.

Understanding EURO STOXX 50 Companies

Rating of financial companies

The constituents within the Euro STOXX 50 composition are stable, yet dynamically developing companies. Therefore, the list of companies is reviewed annually in September for any changes. The table below demonstrates a part of the up-to-date index composition.

NameIndustryWeight (%)
TOTALOil & GasOil & Gas
LVMH MOET HENNESSYPersonal & Household GoodsPersonal & Household Goods
ASML HLDGTechnology3.87
SANOFIHealth Care3.62
SIEMENSIndustrial Goods & Services3.20
UNILEVER NVPersonal & Household Goods2.98
AIRBUSIndustrial Goods & Services2.85

As has been said before, there are 19 supersectors as defined by the Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB). Companies are categorized depending on their primary source of revenue. Stocks are ranked based on the free-float market capitalization for each of the supersector. The largest stocks make the final selection list.

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