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¿Qué es la exploración financiera
¿Qué es la exploración financiera

What is financial scouting?

When referring to the term financial scouting, people mean the searching for good trading opportunities in the financial market, done both quickly and professionally.

A financial scout or a financial scouting service sets out to find investment opportunities that fully meet a trader's needs, this being their primary task. Such investment opportunities may be both high- and low risk.

What is the difference between financial scouting and investment advisory?

The key difference is the high speed with which the scouts find trading opportunities. Professional financial scouting is not only about speed though. A very important aspect is that the number of profitable opportunities is higher than that of losing trades.

Investment advisers mostly deal with long-term opportunities that generate low profit, but are very low-risk, too. Finding such opportunities may take some time, probably preventing the trader from using the most profitable setups.

financial scouting

What are the advantages of financial scouting?

By using financial scouting, a trader may take advance of several benefits at once. First, you saves the time you would otherwise spend on making your trades. The financial scout will always keep a close eye on the market, and in the case an opportunity arises they would prompt their client immediately.

Second, as every financial scout is a pro, their recommendations will allow you to maximize your profits. This is especially good for beginner traders.

Third, scouts act fast, which means their clients get an advantage over other market participants, i.e. they can start trading when the trend is just starting to form, in order tofollow the traditional motto: "buy rumours, sell facts".

Financial scouts use the best equipment and analytical software, which enables finding opportunities that remain unseen for regular users.

For pro traders, financial scouting may be a useful tool to get info on the market sectors you don’t know much about or don’t actively follow. Let's assume you trade FX: in this case, financial scouting will help you to identify opportunities in the commodity or cryptocurrency markets. As a result, you then just select the most profitable opportunities and make your trades.

Financial scouting may be useful for any type of trader, as it helps you save up the most valuable resource you have: time.

Where can I find financial scouting services?

Currently, the only such service available, is from Libertex. Libertex financial scouting enables powerful opportunities for money management in various market sectors. By using Libertex, a trader may trade FX, stocks, indices, energies, metals, cryptos, ETF's and other assets profitably.

Why to trade with Libertex?

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