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Get dividends from Caterpillar!

Tue, 09/05/2023 - 13:37

Libertex has opened a new kind of account that will let you make investments with guaranteed income. To do that, just find the stock Caterpillar in Libertex Portfolio and buy it no later than 19:00 GMT 18.01.2022. By buying this instrument, you'll receive a dividend payout based on the number of shares you acquire, and you'll receive a dividend payment within a week. To receive the dividend, you'll need to keep the position open until 19:00 GMT 19.01.2022.
To open a Libertex Portfolio account and invest in Caterpillar use the button below

Invest in Caterpillar

Keep an eye on the 'News' section on our website to stay informed on the next dividends. You can learn more about buying stocks in our video. Happy investing!

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