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Forget the mall! Libertex is the place to be at this Black Friday!

Thu, 11/25/2021 - 08:25

That magical time of the year is almost upon us once again. Peace on Earth, good will to all, and…groundbreaking promotions! You guessed it! Black Friday is close at hand, and — given the ongoing economic trouble — this year's deals are set to be even more spectacular than usual. When 26 November finally rolls around, everybody you know will be hitting the virtual stores in an effort to grab themselves a bargain while stocks last.

We decided that traders and investors deserve their piece of the action, too. That's why we'll be giving all our existing customers a 50% bonus on every deposit of $500 or more. The best part of all? Our offer can't run out, which is more than can be said for the TVs, gadgets, games consoles and other items in Black Friday promotions elsewhere. So, which pill is it going to be for you: red or blue? Come Friday, 26 November, you'll have to decide whether to take your chances in the market or stay trapped in the workaday matrix!

How to choose the Black Friday pill?

We're straight shooters here at Libertex, so when we say you get a 50% bonus on all deposits above $500, that's exactly what you get. But naturally, there are a few associated conditions you should be aware of.

  • First, the offer is valid from 25/11/2021 to 30/11/2021, which is much longer than most Black Friday deals, by the way. 
  • Second, the promotion is only open to clients that have already funded their account before the start date. We want to be fair to our loyal, long-term clients. 
  • Finally, the bonus is for trading operations only. You can't just withdraw it immediately as cash. That said, any profits you do make from trades using these funds will be yours to do with whatever you will. 

Got that? Good! Now, all that's left is to decide what to stake your bonus on.

Crisis equals opportunity

It's no secret that China is in quite the economic pickle just now. If it wasn't bad enough that the pandemic has decimated its export market, the energy crisis in the country has now pushed the Chinese Producer Price Index (PPI) up to a 26-year high of 13.5% YoY. To make matters worse, the country's NBS Manufacturing PMI fell to 49.2 in October, marking the second month this indicator has been below 50 pts.

Add to that the high levels of corporate and local government debt, soaring global commodities prices and the exodus of foreign capital from the country's equities market — not to mention the potential collapse of the entire domestic real estate market — and it looks as if the protracted downtrend in Chinese stocks could continue for some time yet. Indeed, the China A50 index (XU) has been under pressure since February 2021. After appearing to stabilise for a period, the declines have now started back up again. If it breaks below its YTD low of 14,450, we can expect a further drop to somewhere around 12,650. In light of all this, the smart money could well be on a medium-term short of large cap Chinese stocks. But to paraphrase Morpheus: "We can only show you the door. You're the one that has to walk through it".

Time to make money instead of spending

The top Black Friday deals are just around the corner. Make sure to choose the right one. Join Libertex's Black Friday promo on the page below and grab our generous 50% bonus! Have you ever seen such lucrative offers  at the mall? 


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