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Digital pets and men in tights: meet Libertex’s new tradable assets

Fri, 08/06/2021 - 08:09

The past eighteen months have been a rollercoaster ride for stocks and cryptocurrencies. Following the pandemic-induced crash across virtually all asset classes, an unfathomable boom then ensued. Equities and cryptocurrencies exploded as increasing numbers of people decided to take the leap into trading and investing. In fact, a survey by Charles Schwab indicates that over 15% of current retail investors got into the markets in 2020. The same survey also revealed that out of 1,000 average Americans, almost 500 (50%) are invested in the stock market. While still a little more niche, cryptocurrencies are also seeing substantial capital inflows from both retail and institutional investors in a boom that made 2017-18 look like another day at the office.

As one might expect, these new trends have been excellent news for the brokerages and exchanges that facilitate investment in these two asset classes. When it comes to US equities, the platform everyone’s talking about is Robinhood, which has basically become a household name over the past year or so. The revolutionary app launched back in 2014 and, since then, its user base has swollen to an estimated 20 million people, making it the undisputed king of trading apps in the US. Things finally came full circle for Robinhood when the trading platform issued an IPO: after years acting as a broker for other stocks, Robinhood itself became a publicly-traded company. Pre-IPO, Robinhood was valued at around $20 billion, but this valuation has more than doubled since its shares began trading on the open market. Indeed, in a single day (4 August), its price skyrocketed an incredible 50%.

Despite this flying start, many analysts believe there is still more upside to come as the stock gradually becomes available on more platforms and in different countries. Even if a correction follows, it’s unlikely to last for long. On top of that, Robinhood’s average user age of 31 means it has excellent potential for long-term growth into other demographics while maintaining its current user base. Not many people know that Robinhood has also offered cryptocurrency trading since as early as 2018. Given the generational trend in this industry, Robinhood can also benefit from the expansion of the crypto investment sector, which is expected to experience explosive growth in the next 5 years. Libertex has added Robinhood to its available instruments, creating a potentially great opportunity to get in for the long haul.

While we’re on the topic of crypto, there’s another hot asset that Libertex users can now trade: AXS, or the Axie Infinity Shard. The AXS token is the currency that powers the huge NFT-based interactive videogame Axie Infinity. What makes this game truly special is its play-as-you-earn format. Players breed and battle digital pets called Axies, gaining potions and other saleable assets as they play. To put things into perspective, one Axie fetches around $350 at current prices, with rarer examples going for much more than this. However, you don’t need to be a gamer to make money from this franchise because the AXS token is traded on countless crypto exchanges (and now Libertex!) just like any other crypto coin.

In a spectacular rise, AXS’s price has increased over 4,000% since February, reaching its all-time high of $47.21 last month. However, AXS has since experienced a rather significant correction of over 10%, making it an attractive proposition for those looking to enter the market today. Moreover, the game, 40% of whose users are located in the Philippines, provides an excellent opportunity for people in lower-income countries to make serious money, with some players earning close to $500 a day from the game. As a result, we’re likely to see interest in this game (and, by extension, AXS) grow exponentially as its popularity grows worldwide.

So, if you think you know how Robinhood (HOOD) and AXS will fare in the near term, you can now find and trade them on Libertex!

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