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Trading signals

Ready-made online trading signals are designed to help you take decisions.
Trading signals
Trading signals

Trading opportunities any time

On many asset charts on the Libertex platform, you can see a ready-made trading signal from Trading Central. The signal always shows: 

  • Potential profit
  • The trade direction: Buy or Sell
  • The Take Profit level
  • The Stop Loss level 
  • The probability of the signal being triggered.

If the probability that the signal will be triggered is higher than 75%, the trade direction in the signal will be shown as Active Buy or Active Sell. 

By tapping the 'Use signal' button, you can select the trade amount and multiplier, as well as implement the signal.

Trading Central is an analytical company recognised worldwide with offices in New York, London, Paris and Hong Kong.

Trading Central provides trading signals for financial markets generated by its algorithms. Underlying these algorithms are technical indicators.

Trading signals for assets can be found in the 'Signals' section on the Libertex trading platform.

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