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Polygon (MATICUSD)

Polygon (MATIC) is a sidechain to Ethereum's blockchain. It was created to increase the speed of dApps and smart contracts. Developers can transfer products that will work in Ethereum's ecosystem to Polygon while avoiding scaling problems. Roll-ups are used to increase throughput, check transactions outside the network and then re-publish them to it. Polygon's developers claim that it can process 7,000 transactions per second. Validators confirm all transactions in Polygon for a modest reward. By doing so, the Ethereum mainnet is not overloaded; the apps based on it work in Polygon. 

Polygon (MATIC) can't be mined, which means all coins are released only by this cryptocurrency's developers. The maximum supply of Polygon (MATIC) coins is 10 billion.

Polygon (MATIC)'s capitalisation at the beginning of April 2021 was over $1.8 billion. 

Trading opportunities 

The tokens started trading in March 2018. In just Q1 2021, MATICUSD increased more than 20.5 times in value! Its average intraday volatility was 20.2%.

How to buy and sell MATICUSD

You can buy and sell MATICUSD on specialised cryptocurrency exchanges, but the best way to trade it is through a broker or trading platforms, such as MetaTrader 4 or Libertex, where trades are easier to make, leverage can be used, and you can even earn if the cryptocurrency's value goes down.