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Yen joins dollar at the top of the pile as risk aversion mounts-check out the USD/JPY

Since the last update the Yen has gained ground across the board. The reason for that is entirely due to an increase in risk haven assets following further very negative headlines concerning the situation in the Middle East. That has pushed the dollar even higher versus the European currencies and sent the USD/JPY down by more than 50 pips from its earlier session, and multi-year highs. That means the likes of the EUR/JPY and GBP/JPY are now markedly lower too. The US stock market futures are getting clumped for the same reason it seems and the Dow Jones was priced to open not much above 38,100 a short while ago. It is off that low now, but still very much set for a lower opening this afternoon. The firmer dollar has also pushed the EUR/USD down to a low at 1.0831 a moment ago. The USD/JPY is currently trading 152.88 down from an earlier high at 153.38

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