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Will quadruple witching impact the S+P 500 later today?

As noted here earlier this morning, the Dow Jones futures are still on the rise and pricing a higher opening for later this afternoon. The same applies to the S+P 500. That index closed last night at 4,719.55, with a gain of 12 points on the day. That was the highest daily close of the year to date for the index. The session high was set at 4,738.57 which was the highest the index has reached since January 12, 2022, after it set an all time record high at 4,818.62 on January 4.. The rising channel formation on the longer term charts suggests the index can retest that high, but as to whether that comes this side of the weekend would seem doubtful. The other factor to assess to day, is that it is Quadruple Witching day, being the third Friday in December. This is when a whole bunch of index stock options and futures contracts all expire at the same time. I should note here though that as far as the US is concerned it is now only Triple Witching, as single stock futures no longer trade there. That said this all adds up to re-balancing for the US indexes as some stocks will drop out and some new will be included. It really all depends on the breakdown in that respect and it is not a precursor for losses to arrive. What this can do, is increase activity and volatility ahead of the close later this evening. The S+P 500 index is currently priced to reopen at around 4,733

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