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Will the Nasdaq 100 fill the record opening Gap?

Well, it is not exactly much of a surprise, but the US stock markets have opened at fresh record highs in terms of the S+P 500 and Nasdaq 100, but not the Dow Jones of course. The S+P 500 has reopened above 5,420 and that is a considerable way above where the index closed (at a record) last night, at 5,375. The Nasdaq 100 has led that record opening by doing the same and officially the index reopened just now at 19,358. It has traded close to 19,400 as this update is typed. The index closed last night at 19,212, so and as noted here earlier, it has resumed live trade with a massive opening gap, back to that closing level, which was a record level anyway. The index has in fact now traded above 19,400 and the question as to whether the index can close that gap now probably rests with what the Fed has to deliver this evening. That decision will be released 2 hours before the index closes and that does leave time, but right now the price action is not suggesting it will rush to fill that yawning gap, if indeed it does that at all. The new record high has just been set at 19,411. The index is currently trading at 19,405

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