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Will the FTSE 100 reclaim 8k again today?

The FTSE 100 was the best performing major European stock market index yesterday. The FTSE closed 0.33% higher yesterday, where the DAX gained just 0.11% and the CAC 40 closed 0.05% lower. The FTSE 100 almost made it to 8k yesterday, peaking at 7,999.84 before the losses in the US stock markets derailed the topside and sent the index sliding back towards 7,900. The rebound into the close saw it end the session at 7,961, with a gain of 26 points on the day. The index is priced to open modestly higher in a couple of minutes and it is surely catching a tailwind from the rebound in oil prices so far today and the slide in the GBP/USD since this time yesterday. So, perhaps another attempt on the 8k handle is back in play again today? We shall see on that. The FTSE 100 is just now priced to reopen at 7,970

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